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Peace begins within.

Daily meditation and prayer help us to reconcile the atrocities the un-awake and un-aware human being is capable of. Our soul is agitated, yet we can return to an experience of deep inner peace. Stay on your path of awakening to your true nature. 

Jesus knew how to find the Kingdom of Heaven. Unity. Internal and external unity. 

After meditation and prayer, soul and Spirit, heart and mind are united. We too can learn to say, “forgive them, for they know not what they do.” We can become the peacemakers. 

The yearning to know God within our own hearts cannot be only intellectual, it must be experienced as well.

When we experience the truth of God deep inside our hearts we experience a relationship that is stable, predictable and peaceful. God is in us and with us. We are never alone. We are united with love itself.

To be “awake” is to be aware that the eternal God is within. This awareness takes us to a new level of consciousness that we can connect with daily. Our behaviors will change as our thoughts merge with His. 

Make it a part of your lifestyle to meet with God daily and regain virtues that you may have lost the day before: peace, patience, kindness, goodness, love, joy, self-control, faithfulness, hope, strength, mercy, wisdom, truth and more.

I call to you daily Lord; I spread out my hands to You. (Psalm 88:9)

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