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Role of Psychology – Making Friends With Your Soul

As a human, you are complex with a body, soul, and spirit. The soul alone is unique and multi-faceted. At Yahlight, we believe you can make friends with your soul by deepening your understanding of the role of psychological well-being in your inner self. 

Embracing Psychological Well-Being

Without being aware of it, we seek growth and desire good health to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. Yahlight wants to help you understand and place value on your soul as a way to find your true self. Embracing psychological well-being can be an important step that could help bring you closer to knowing your soul.

An increase in emotional intelligence is a result of developing a relationship with your soul. Knowing how to navigate emotions is an important skill to hone in on throughout your life. Emotions are the soul’s way of expressing how it is experiencing life. A few ways you can strengthen emotional intelligence include practicing the following:

  • Self-awareness
  • Active listening  
  • Mindfulness
  • Journaling
  • Emotional Clarity

Improving your emotional intelligence can help you deepen your authenticity and establish an intimate journey with your soul. When you have a better understanding of how to connect to your emotions in healthy ways, you connect to your soul on a deeper, more caring level. Being comfortable with your emotions can help you discover who you are. You learn that you can tolerate all of life’s challenges when you have confidence that you can embrace a wide range of emotions. You then discovering a part of you that has resilience even throughout all the changes and periods of stress.

Nurturing Your Mental Health

Improved mental health happens when you take care of your soul. We understand that placing importance on your mental health is a crucial component of overall health and wellness. Yahlight supports good mental health practices with your soul in mind. We believe you can affect your mental health positively with spirituality. Your relationship with God, a higher power, is vital. By strengthening your relationship with him, you bring in new ways to renew your mind, and learn how to bring his love to the inner parts of your soul that might be in distress. 

Nurturing your mental health is a form of self-love. It can be easy in daily life to take care of others by showing kindness and compassion. Learning to value yourself and show yourself that same love can have lasting benefits to your mental health. Taking time to practice self-love is soul love in action. 

Your mental health needs to be a priority to ensure good overall health. There are a variety of ways you can prioritize your mental health. Connecting to spirituality and working on your relationship with God is one way you can do so. Relationships are a crucial part of good mental health. Being in a relationship with God, can also help you to be in a better relationship with yourself. Finding ways of being with God, listening and surrendering to his power helps your soul feel that it has someone it can rely on. Your soul wants more power and God is that power.

Making Friends With Your Soul

Working to make friends with your soul could be the missing piece you need in your self-love journey to lead you to discover who you are. An article that discusses concepts of the human soul, published by Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift, helps conclude that the soul involves a search for your entire self. This means that by deepening your self-discovery journey, you can become closer to making friends with your soul. 

Yahlight has a unique perspective on embracing your soul. We believe connecting to your soul is crucial. You can work towards emotional harmony and self-acceptance while you get to know your soul. This can help you understand who you are and, therefore, can enlighten you to continue to grow as an authentic individual who has a unique purpose. Finding meaning and purpose is good for your soul and therefore, your mental health.

Self-love and making friends with your soul are deeply connected. Some ways Yahlight believes you can practice self-love include spiritual practices. Spiritual practices like prayer and meditation, for example, can bring you closer to God and your inner self. Please look at the available prayers on our Meditation and Prayers page for prayers set to music to begin your spiritual practices.    

Deepening Self-Discovery With Your Soul

Yahlight will welcome you with open arms to a safe space where you can begin your spiritual journey. On the path to developing your relationship with God, you can discover who you are. This beautiful road of discovery will help you to make friends with your soul. One way we can help you deepen your connection with yourself and God is with Christ-centered meditation and prayer. Please visit the What Is Christ-Centered Meditation and Prayer? page for more details.  

Self-acceptance is an important part of your self-discovery journey. You can begin to develop in inner trust. You learn not to abandon yourself or judge yourself but to accept yourself, just as you are. Deepening self-discovery of your soul can help bring you closer to understanding who you are and, thus, open the door for you to have compassion not rejection of your inner self. God can help bring light to your path of self-discovery. We can support you in your journey to deepen self-discovery with your soul with a variety of holistic modalities.

Getting to know your soul on an intimate level is a lifelong journey. However it’s not as complicated as it sounds and it may just take a season before you can begin to understand how to listen to your soul and begin an interesting adventure inward. A relationship with God is the same. You start with your current understanding and the more you seek after him the more your relationship blossoms. It is important to tend to these connections with compassion as you learn to discover who you are as well as who God is. As you work to know your inner self, you will find that by practicing self-love and deepening your connection with Christ through multiple avenues, you can make friends with your soul which nurtures your mental health. It is never too late to begin making friends with your soul.

Your soul is a unique part of your inner self that you can work to connect with to understand yourself better. If you’re ready to embark on this journey, work with me to discuss how we can support you through the process of making friends with your soul.

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