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About YahLight

YahLight; The LORD’S Light
A shining light that breathes new life, a transformation within.

YahLight; Daily Spiritual Practices
The invitation is for peace that is sustainable, predictable and accessible.
These routines establish harmony and balance for our inner core.

We practice connecting to the presence of God, choosing to trust ourselves and the experience of transformation in a space of stillness. It’s here where we create a place of safety and we awaken to the fullness of God.

YahLight; Spirit, Soul, & Body
Everything YahLight offers is designed to bring you into a loving intimate relationship with your heart, spirit, soul, and body. The goal is to connect, to surrender and to live in the light.

YahLight; Life Rhythms
Regular rhythms help us ignite and open our hearts. These organic experiences can lead us to an authentic life of purpose, love and joy. Here, the light of Christ is birthed and brings full power to our potential.

You are invited to come,
Join Us!


How YahLight Began

Tonyah was 40 years old, with an 18- month-old son, when she went through a two-year separation that eventually led to a divorce. A couple years later, she was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. This piqued her curiosity, which led her to read several books on the subject of anxiety. A common theme among many of them was to learn to practice meditation and prayer.

This struck a chord with Tonyah, and she sincerely wanted to heed this advice, however the church she attended had no such programs. She called an old friend who had a serious meditation practice, and she took her first step down a very beneficial new path. During this pivotal time in her life, that friend lived in her guest house for a year. The two woke early in the morning to meditate, often singing worship or mantra (ancient prayer) songs, reading and contemplating scripture and praying.

Eventually, a habit of daily meditation and prayer was established. As a result, her anxiety slowly decreased and to her surprise her faith, trust and belief in God became unshakable.

Then during her meditation time one morning, she heard God’s Spirit direct her to make meditation music from the Bible. She responded by saying, Who, me? I know nothing about making music.” She heard the same message for about a year.
Despite having no formal music background, she finally said yes to the still small persistent voice that came from somewhere deep within her. Shortly after, early in the morning, often before she got out of bed or during her meditation, she heard beautiful simple songs, and she wrote them down.

Conflict and stress were still a part of her life, but peace and compassion began to gradually overcome her situation. Grace flowed in, and she met a musician who loved studying the Bible. He helped her move her music forward. Together they wrote lyrics, and his voice is on many of her songs. Around the same time, a friend who owned a recording studio offered to help. Then, with even more grace and providence, her company, YahLight, was born.

Along with making music, Tonyah teaches YahLights daily practices, including Christ-centered meditation and prayer, Devotional Chant, Emotional Clarity and Higher Power Living. She still tries to wake up every morning and start her day with stillness, singing, meditation, contemplation, reading scripture, and prayer. Arguably, these practices are what have helped her rise above all of her lifes challenges, including over 23 years of living (and thriving!) as a single mom.

Tonyah’s music is a critical part of my self-care toolbox. I am addicted to it now! I use her beautiful music almost every morning to launch a new day with feelings of hope, peace, stillness, gratitude and positivity. Tonyah’s teachings support my pursuit of presence over perfection, as do other important other influences in my life, such as Mother Nature’s powerful rhythms, positive/authentic people, swimming, reading, pets, prayer and acts of service. I am so happy to add Tonyah’s powerful practice and her sweet songs to my daily life. I highly recommend Tonyah’s music and her daily practice to anyone who desires growth through peace, love, grace and a deeper connection to God.

Susie Pepe

Copyeditor and Whale Hugger

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