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Tonyah Dee is a spiritual teacher with a degree in science. She teaches scientific lifestyle tips integrated with spiritual and contemplative practices. A Christ-centered life coach, Registered Dietitian and Master Level Meditation teacher makes her perspective deep and broad. Tonyah is the Founder of YahLight, a movement to ignite the Light within.
Mental Health

What Is a Toxic Relationship?

I didn’t grow up with abuse of any kind, but I married it, once. It’s taken me years to understand and define the damage caused by emotional toxins. Like environmental toxins that slowly destroy the earth, these toxins pollute the body, soul, and spirit causing a...

An anxious woman holding her head
Mental Health

How I Found My Breath After Divorce

I had always been a calm person. In the home where I grew up, no one yelled. Even when my mother called my brother and me in for dinner, she didn’t scream for us.  When I became an adult, I realized not everyone's the same, especially during a divorce. My husband,...

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