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Tonyah Dee is a spiritual teacher with a degree in science. She teaches scientific lifestyle tips integrated with spiritual and contemplative practices. A Christ-centered life coach, Registered Dietitian and Master Level Meditation teacher makes her perspective deep and broad. Tonyah is the Founder of YahLight, a movement to ignite the Light within.
Mental Health

Soul Care and Healing During Grief

We’re all born with a unique soul. My soul is different from yours and every other human soul. A person’s soul gives them a distinct and authentic human life. As Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church said in his sermon, “We are three parts: body, soul, and spirit....

A pair of hands holding another person's hand
Featured, Mental Health

Can God Mend a Broken Heart?

A broken heart happens when the fullest possible expression of love from the heart becomes difficult. The heart has experienced something that causes it to contract and close. When functioning at its best, the heart is open, and love flows freely in and out of it....

hands holding sand in the shape of a broken heart
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