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Role of Spirituality in Recovery

Although addiction is a complex diagnosis, spirituality in recovery can allow God to offer light and peace into your life. Yahlight can help you welcome a higher power into your journey as you discover your full potential while healing from addiction. 

Why Is Spirituality in Recovery Beneficial?

In your addiction recovery journey, you must seek help to heal as a whole individual. With nurturing support, we believe healing as a whole individual means utilizing a combination of therapeutic and spiritual practices. The role of spirituality in recovery is incredibly powerful. An article published by the Journal of Religion and Health provides evidence of spirituality’s important role for individuals in recovery from addiction. This article provides evidence through studies that reveal spirituality contributed to positive addiction recovery outcomes versus those who did not have a connection to spirituality in their recovery. 

Spirituality is a widely accessible part of life that can allow you to connect your body, soul, and spirit. This benefits addiction recovery as it can lead you to find power from within yourself throughout your healing journey. Spirituality practices can also lead you to find a source of power from God, which can feel comforting and reassuring. Many different practices can help you find who you are and can bring you closer to God, like daily meditation, for example. Meditation has many spiritual and therapeutic benefits, according to an article published by the journal Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation. A few of the discussed therapeutic benefits include:

  • Lowered stress levels
  • Emotional distress tolerance 
  • Decreased relapse risk
  • Reduced cravings 

Please visit the Christ-Centered Meditation and Prayer page to begin your meditation journey. 

Connecting to a Higher Power

Spirituality could be the invitation you need to connect to a higher power. In recovery, this is an important relationship to establish or work to deepen. A strong connection to a higher power can help you see your inner strength. This practice can lead you to discover who you are. Having a strong sense of self is crucial to recovery. Addiction can be isolating, but in recovery, it is possible to connect to Christ in your heart. He ensures and validates through experiences that you are not alone any longer. Yahlight can help bring you closer to Christ. Building your connection to a higher power can include practices such as:

  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Bible study
  • Worship
  • Attending Church
  • Devotion

Spirituality in Recovery and Mental Health

Addiction can take a tremendous toll on your mental health. Seeking help is a brave and life-changing choice to make. Your recovery journey will lead you to understand your mental health and how to heal. Learning how to maintain good mental health in recovery is a crucial step, which can include finding peace from within your spirituality. For many individuals, spirituality opens the doors to insight, intuition, and creativity, which guides you forward toward a unique purpose and meaningful life. When you feel your life has meaning, you are likely to find motivation on your recovery path, even on difficult days.  

If you are working to recover from addiction, you may find that your thoughts are difficult to challenge. Learning to rewire your thoughts can take time, which may feel discouraging. Welcoming daily spirituality practices such as biblical affirmations can be one way you encourage positive thought patterns and good mental health. Please visit the Biblical Affirmations and Contemplations page to begin creating new thought patterns.  

In addiction recovery, often, the 12-Step treatment approach is utilized. The 12-Step treatment approach has been proven to be incredibly successful. One reason for the success of the 12-Step approach is the role spirituality has. With this treatment approach in mind, the Twelve Steps also connect you to others who are in recovery. This can have positive impacts on your mental health as well. Spirituality can be a way to help you heal and also bring people together with intentions of love and healing energy. 

The Meaning of Spirituality at Yahlight

Spirituality in recovery is a vital component of your healing journey. At Yahlight, we believe we can help you welcome a higher power into your spiritual practices. Spirituality is accepting God, as you currently understand, and listening to His still small voice for guidance. His light can bring you peace, and He can help you heal when you are ready.

Spirituality plays an important role in Yahlight’s treatment modalities and the overall philosophy. The spiritual practices that are incorporated into treatment include:

  • Prayer
  • Yoga
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation and prayer
  • Sound bath therapy
  • Drumming/drum circles

Yoga can be an enlightening and powerful practice as you also learn how to listen to your body and move in new ways. In breathwork practices, you begin by focusing on how you breathe. Breathwork initiates a relaxation response in your body, which increases a feeling of serenity. Meditation is a practice where you can connect to God as your true self. Sound bath therapy and drumming utilize music and sound to cleanse the heart and connect to God at a deeper level. 

The spiritual practices we utilize at Yahlight align with our values, which we believe will lead you to freedom from addiction and assist in the beginning of establishing your relationship with God. The purpose of your newfound or deepened development of spirituality is to help you find your power from within and that of a higher power to strengthen your confidence in your healing journey.    

At Yahlight, we believe spirituality is vital to addiction recovery as it has many proven benefits. If you’re interested in hearing more about my program you can work with me

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