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Our words and thoughts can manifest beneficial or non-beneficial actions. Listening to or saying out loud positive life affirming messages can create new behaviors and habits. Renew your way of thinking by listening or saying out loud higher, more positive thoughts.


Scriptural contemplations can be used to increase and solidify your understanding of what The Bible (and the Big Book) say about topics such as God, restoration, love, and self-control. Use as part of meditation, contemplation and prayer or while driving, relaxing and reflecting.


Meditation is the work we do to consciously contact God. In every guided meditation Tonyah uses music, stillness, meditation and prayer. Meditation is spreading is because when you become still and go from the outer to the inner world you will find God. 


If you are interested in a more contemplative style of music try soundscapes and instrumentals. All songs are 5-minutes in length so keeping track of time becomes effortless. This style of music is good for a meditation practice, and traveling, relaxing or working.


Tonyah has recorded well known prayers set to her music. These 5-minute prayers are especially helpful for meditation and contemplation.


Spiritual words combined with sound create a potent force. Chanting has been used since ancient times. Chanting has been scientifically proven to decrease stress, anxiety, depression and blood pressure. It increases feelings of well being, focus, healing, and mood control.


Tonyah teaches in person workshops and online classes. Check out current teaching offerings.


In YahLight’s videos, Tonyah shares her music, meditation advice, and lifestyle advice. Visit our videos page for a few samples.

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