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Stress is the opposite of peace.  When stress happens there’s an increased feeling of uncomfortable pressure or tension.  We all fall into the trap of thinking fearful thoughts instead of peaceful thoughts. Our thoughts create reactions and the outcome can be either beneficial or not beneficial. 

When I experience stress, anxiety or fear it’s a sign I need to return to peace.  The usual response to stress is to speed up, avoid, resist and ignore any uncomfortable feelings. 

However, when the messenger is your body, soul and spirit doing the talking, it’s time to listen. Stress is by far the leading cause of disease in America.  

In meditation and prayer, we do the work of letting God’s Spirit help us. We turn to our heart, and we surrender our stress and fear over to the peace and wisdom we find there. God’s Spirit is called, the Revealer, and what is revealed can be healed. Often we will find the answer we need in that moment.  

Peace is found in stillness deep deep inside of our heart. In stillness we can sense the stability and unshakable nature of a peace beyond mere thought or understanding. Peace is an experience of deep inner relaxation. 

It’s only in a state of calm that we can find our intuitive inner truth. When we are in a state of stress we default to survival mode. 

Repeat this affirmation, “Stress used to mean move faster, now it means slow down and be present.”

Jesus said, “Peace be with you.” Find peace and then find gratitude for the peace that is always within and always present. Peace leads to rest and clarity. Finding peace is the answer to stress-management. Peace is rest-management. 

Return over and over to peace. Get angry return, Get sad, return, get disappointed return, get jealous return.  Always, and in All ways return to God’s Spirit dwelling deep inside you as peace. Then you will always know how to make good decisions because you are using your heart, soul and spirit. 

Use the breath to help you relax your body and mind, and to release toxic thoughts and emotions. Move your body in a peaceful and gentle way, like taking a walk, to keep the peace circulating. Chanting, and praying also relax the mind and release stress as they initiate the relaxation response in the body. We become more relaxed and less stressed and we seek peace. 

After enough practice we can choose to respond in peace to all of life’s emotions and commotions. This makes us “responsible” which is having the ability to respond appropriately in any given circumstance. 

Peace is the gateway to love, joy, patience, kindness and goodness!

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