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Do you feel the anxiety increasing? Is it obvious how outer circumstances affect your inner life?

I have good news for you. You can learn to elevate and manage your anxiety so that you can navigate the radical changes occurring in the outer world.

Change creates stress and this is a time of rapid change. The time to learn and practice the transformative power of spiritual disciplines is now. Daily spiritual practices include but aren’t limited to: meditation, contemplation, affirmation, worship, and prayer. These time honored practices can help you develop a strong spirit.

As a Registered Dietitian, I spent years teaching how to heal and optimize the body through food. I specialize in anxiety disorders, which I believe come from the soul. Since the body, soul and spirit are connected, I have learned the importance of feeding all three. This understanding helped me to heal my own anxiety disorder that I struggled with for years.

My company YahLight means the LORD’s light. The powerful healing and regenerative presence of this light is found in your heart.

Because I practice daily spiritual disciplines, my brain has been re-wired with new pathways that lead to the presence of God even when I feel a trigger or hook that used to lead me straight to an anxiety attack (which inevitably led to making poor decisions). My spirit is strong and can lead me to peace and clarity, which helps me make better decisions.

I want this for you.

The YahLight Daily Practices are spiritual disciplines designed to bring you into a loving intimate relationship with your spirit, soul, and body. One day at a time you will sense the power, peace, and joy from God overflowing from your heart, no matter the circumstance.

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