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Almost all mediation practices begin with focusing on the breath. Meditation teachers, doctors and scientists all understand that  conscious use of breath relaxes, decreases stress, and heals disease, while also bringing vitality, inspiration and a creative force into one’s body, soul and spirit.

The Breath of Life, as the Bible calls it, is a link between our body and God’s Spirit. The English word spirit comes from the Latin word spiritus, which means breath, but also means spiritsoulcouragevigor.

We can look at our breath as being a source of spirit, vitality and power. Through our breath, we have a way to access more of our spiritual side.

Focusing on the breath during meditation brings us into the present moment where we can allow our truth and listen for God’s Truth. Continuing to breathe deeply and calmly helps us to stay focused on our inner self and to bring inspiration and a creative force into our time of stillness.

Deep breathing releases the relaxation response in the body allowing God’s Spirit to come forward.

Consider that the breath is our connection to The Spirit of God. We can move towards having a relationship with our own breath, which also gives us a connection to our own spirit. Breath creates the connection from our spirit to God’s Spirit. Breath creates movement, pulsation, and vibration. We can consciously pulse or use our breath to stay connected, spirit to Spirit.

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