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To contact Spirit we must turn inward. Our human spirit was given to us from the beginning so that we can contact and know God, who is Spirit.

Going from the outer world to the inner world is a magical, transformational journey. By faithfully seeking God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit you will find the key to peace and inner strength.

Imagine the millions of meditators out there meditating for focus, to increase self-awareness, to manage stress, to reduce negative emotions and to increase patience and tolerance.

You are incredibly blessed because you will receive all of that plus an intimate relationship with the source of all life!

My advice: BEGIN!  

“….he will strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being…” Ephesians 3:16-17

Here are 7 tips on starting your meditation and prayer practice:

  1. Know your goal. We must learn to turn deeply to the Lord who is inside us, in our spirit. We use our human spirit to contact and receive God’s Spirit as our source of new life.
  2. Create a dedicated space for daily time with the Lord.
  3. Have your Bible, devotional, music source, a place to sit comfortably, a journal (He will talk to you!) and a little table for your tea or coffee.
  4. Try the practice at various times of the day. First thing in the morning is best. Do this practice before your mind gets started on solving issues and you will see more grace and ease in your day.
  5. Start slowly, 5-minutes a day was all I could do at the beginning. Now, dwelling with the Lord is so enjoyable it’s hard for me to leave that heart-centered space.
  6.  Seek support from a teacher or guided Biblical meditations. You may come upon hurdles to advancing into the full presence of God. On my website,, you can sign up for a 30-min consult or download many of my practices.
  7. Remember to rest in the Lord. This is a different type of work. We faithfully work to rest in His Love. He faithfully meets you.

“We have the life of Christ in us. Eternal life. We have the miracle work and power of our Lord living inside of us.” –Pastor D Robinson

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