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Are you lifeless and tired of the same old routine? Is your inner lamp running out of oil causing your light to dim? Do you need something to supercharge your inner battery and ignite sparks of creativity and joy?  

Being stuck even in the best routine can become wearisome to the soul. We can get caught up in doing it “right” according to the experts but be left feeling inauthentic and bored. We can also be scattered to the point where a routine is elusive and the chase becomes exhausting, leaving us hopeless. 

If that sounds like you, why don’t you give connecting to God a try? Use Christian meditation and chant music to amp up your battery. Plug into the one who ignites light, the anointed one who came to enlighten everyone, Jesus Christ. 

Turn your usual routine into a personal adventure out of the darkness and into the mysterious realm of endless possibility with God’s Spirit as your guide. In other words, get “lit” the old fashioned way, or is it the new age way? Jesus Christ never goes out of style.

I use Christian meditation and chant music almost every morning for re-connecting to God’s powerful Spirit of Light inside of me. First thing in the morning before my mind has a chance to begin working on my task list and solving all of my problems (once again), I head to a dedicated space in my house where I can sit with God, never knowing what will be revealed to me that day.Tonyah Dee in her meditation space

It’s the enchanting power of Christian meditation music that motivates me to wake up early and get me to that private space.

My spirit wakes to the call of my alarm at 5:30 a.m. singing, “Rise and shine and give God the glory glory.” 

I take a quick shower, wrap myself in a robe, grab a cup of coffee, tea or matcha, and I sit myself down to spend a little time with God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. Angels are probably there with me, too. It’s a powerful way to start the day. 

I like to meditate and sing to God first thing in the morning. I feel like it opens my heart to Him and allows me to hear His will and His voice just a little better. 

Singing helps us combine doctrine and devotion. I call my chanting practice devotional chant. Devotion means to show love. I have found that when I start my day devoted to showing God my love and my faith, He shows up with His love for me. 

When I connect to God first thing in the morning, my day always seems to be filled with grace, miracles, new possibilities, and a joy that is not there the days I go without stopping to fill up with God’s Light. 

Defining Christian Meditation and Chant Music

Christian meditation and chant music are used for relaxing the body and the mind so we can contact and connect with The Spirit of Christ. When we settle the body through beautiful music, we can then begin to intently listen for a deeper voice within us, the still small voice of God, the one we need to make louder. 

Taking it one step further, when we sincerely sing to God with our heart and soul, God is pleased. Whenever we demonstrate our faith and love for God, He is there, faithfully reciprocating His love. Being in the presence of God, worshipping with our voice through Christian meditation and chant music means we are using the tools readily available to us that will bring us into union and harmonize with the creative aspects of God’s Divine Spirit.   

The primary mechanism of creation is sound. Sound is a powerful force. God himself used sound to create. “For when he spoke, the world began! It appeared at his command.” (Psalms 33:9) And, God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. (Genesis 1:3)

Music and singing have been present since ancient times and used for the purpose of drawing us closer to God. This enables us to tap into His creative force, making our individual life less routine and more authentic as He gives every one of us unique directions. 

The human voice has universally been used as a sacred tool. Harmonious musical sounds elevate, heal, balance, and create harmony in our body, soul, and spirit. Music has a predictable, reliable effect. Scientists have shown that music is the fastest way to “raise our vibration.” In other words, music makes us feel good. 

The research supports exactly how good. A recent study revealed how singing in a choir improved cognitive functioning in the elderly.

A group of elderly people singing in a choir

Sound is characterized by vibration, frequency, and waves. Sound is energy that can move chemicals; it creates harmony in the cells of our body and has the power to change physical matter. Just imagine the power an opera singer has to break glass with voice alone.  

When we take sound and add spiritual words to sing or chant, we have a powerful and positive creative force flowing through our body. Studies show singing songs with positive messages releases chemicals into the pleasure center of our brains, relaxing our body and lifting our moods! 

The energetic and meditative experience of singing a scriptural song or chant in the morning can remain with us all day long, renewing our thoughts and returning us to peace. Since our thoughts usually lead to behaviors, singing can be a powerful practice. In essence, Christian meditation and chanting can change the way we live. Both are spiritually transformative.

We can’t see Christian meditation and chant music with our eyes, just like we can’t see The Spirit of God. We can, however, have the experience of how good both makes us feel. We can start the day feeling good, renewed with direction, and a charged battery.

The Difference Between Christian Meditation and Chant Music and Non-Christian Meditation and Chant Music

Throughout time, different cultures and religions have used meditative music and types of singing for prayers, liturgies, hymns, psalmody, mantras, and chant mostly with the intention to connect to the Spirit of God. All over the world the practice may be similar, but the “God” may be different. 

Also, the word used to describe the type of singing might be different. The word chant is most often used to describe a type of singing that originated out of Christianity and Catholicism. The word mantra originates from the Indo-European language of India called Sanskrit. 

Both chant and mantra have similar descriptions and definitions. In my opinion, and having practiced both, they are both forms of singing.

One of my favorite rides at Disneyland is the, “It’s a small world” boat ride that takes us on a singing odyssey around the world. In each country, there are happy people singing in their original language. The song happily chants over and over, “There’s so much that we share that it’s time we’re aware, it’s a small small world; a world of laughter, a world of tears, a world of hopes and a world of fears….” 

This ride reminds me of the various languages and invariably the different perceptions and beliefs that come from around our small world. Yet, also how people are similar and most enjoy singing and music. 

Christian meditation and chant music is about Bible scripture and Jesus Christ. Indian and Sikh meditation and chant music is about Vedic Spiritual Texts, Ram Das, and other Hindu Gods. Buddhist chant or mantra is about Bodhisattvas, etc… I believe the world was created by God, Abba, The Father, but obviously I am in my own part of the small world.  

The world’s production of meditation music is a library so vast one could never explore it all. Even though I am a dedicated Christian, I have found that the spiritual music from around the world calms my heart in much the same way as my beloved Christian music. 

John Main reading and smilingJohn Main, who lived from 1926 to 1982, was a Benedictine monk who presented a way of Christian meditation using a prayer phrase or mantra. He said, “the mantra takes us into the present moment and beyond ego, slips through the narrow gate into the city of God.”

Perhaps Christians and non-Christians alike use meditation and chant (or mantra) music to go beyond our solid human form and grow closer to merging with the Great Spirit of God, as American Indians have named Him. It’s a practice we all can do to experience the truth that God does indeed exist. 

Age old monks, sages, and seekers of God know that instrumental and human sound can be a profound tool used for healing, spiritual growth, and peacefulness.

Yogi Bahjan, who, in the 1960s, brought from India to America the practice of singing Sanskrit mantra had this to say: “Sound is a form of energy having structure, power, and a definite, predictable effect on the energy centers in the body and the human psyche.”

Christian Meditation Music and Singing in the Scriptures

The Holy Bible guides us to make music, use our voice, and sing to God. There are over 500 Bible verses about music and singing. This next verse is one of my favorites because I followed this calling from God and recorded my own Christian meditation music and devotional chants. 

“Then you will recite to one another psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs; you will sing and make music to the Lord with your hearts.” (Ephes 5:19)

And then there is this one: “Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord bless his name. Proclaim good tidings of his salvation, from day to day.” (Psalm 96:1-2)

A hymn book with the pages shaped like a heart

My boyfriend and I love to get together and “recite spiritual songs.” We produced and created an album of Christian meditation music called Wonderful Light, 5-min songs to Enlighten the Heart.”

According to Isaiah:12, singing to the Lord in the morning is one of the six ways we can drink Christ as the living water. We “draw water with rejoicing from the springs of salvation. Our spirit is revived from the wells of salvation with a refreshing drink of the living water; rejoicing in the Lord through singing we are strengthened for the day.”

Bibles for America, a non-profit organization committed to the distribution of free Bibles, has this to say about singing: “Opening our mouth and singing hymns to the Lord is one of the best ways to drink from the fountain of living water. As we sing, the fountain wells up inside us, and even overflows. Singing is such an enjoyable way to drink.”

Christian Meditation and Chant Music To Connect With God (and Reduce Stress)

Making a daily commitment to sit still for a quiet time with God becomes even more fulfilling when you add singing worship and praise. We learn to sit calmly and connect to His powerful and peaceful presence within us and around us.

Our voice travels on our breath in and out of our body, passing through our heart. Our breath can be considered a source of His Spirit, the breath of life. In Latin, breath also means spirit. Our breath connects us with His Spirit and carries powerful healing and transformative words into our body and out to the world. Chanting is like singing a prayer to God. 

This practice can be done alone or with others. It’s even more powerful in a group. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20)

Tonyah Dee singing with John Wenskunas

Have you ever experienced a movement of His Spirit while you worshiped and sang with others? The same thing happens when singing alone, but here in the West we are not as accustomed to sitting with God alone and singing or chanting, unlike our brothers and sisters in monasteries, ashrams, and homes in the East.

When we connect to God, we learn to listen and respond to His inner urgings, which are as beautiful and sacred as the sounds of music. It’s a time to separate from the reactive, routine, and busy demands of the world and remember the sound of His voice, always gently guiding us forward to become better versions of ourselves, more like Christ. 

Experience God’s Power With Christian Meditation and Chant Music

Learning to meditate and chant refines our ability to listen. This is a true superpower. We hear our truth and God’s truth. We experience the power an intimate relationship with God brings to us. 

When we sing and listen to music, the power of vibration can create internal harmony and expose the qualities of The Holy Spirit. As the sound vibration calms the body and soul, we can feel the peace and power of the Spirit and hear God’s voice.

A sound wave

There have been numerous times when I was singing praise and heard God’s Spirit talk to me. Pastor Robert Morris says, “God will speak to you if you give your heart to Him in worship.”

When we sing with joy and sincerity from our hearts, we experience waves of positive energy and begin to sense a flow of light throughout our bodies. The heart emits electric and magnetic waves which are generated through vibrational frequency. Sound is vibration. These electromagnetic waves are not limited to an area inside the chest; they travel inside and outside of our bodies. Singing creates good vibes!

The Bible tells us that the heart, when open and pure, allows the flow of the life of God from deep within us to pass through our soul and out of our body. God expands inside us when we worship Him with songs we sing with joy from our heart. 

Christian Meditation Music and Singing Draws Us Close To God

Pastor Robert Morris in his book “Frequency” writes:

The singing of songs is actually a vehicle by which we can worship the Lord and connect with His person. We can enter into an awareness of His presence and commune with God. We can see God for who he truly is and then respond accordingly. We must never treat worshipping the Lord as merely a rote exercise. We must take this time seriously.

People of many cultures have discovered the healing and centering effects of rhythmic breathing and singing. A daily habit of singing or chanting is often considered a discipline of synchronizing toward God’s Spirit and away from our ego.

Saint John Cassian, a Roman Christian monk who lived from 360 to 435 A.D. had this to say about meditation with chanting and mantra: “Continuous repetition lets us rest in God’s presence. We let Christ and his Spirit become incarnated in us.”

Benefits of Drawing Closer To God Through Christian Meditation and Chant Music

When we listen to Christian meditation music and or chant spiritual songs in devotion to God, we receive back from Him love and insights into what we need to do to make our lives fully charged with light and hope. 

We feel better after listening to Christian meditation and chant music.  

Meditation and chanting are tools for transformation. We sing songs at churches, synagogues, and mosques. Catholic and Christian monasteries chant, eastern religions use mantra. American, aboriginal, and indigenous Indians and peoples sing, chant, and dance. 

We are free under all authority of Jesus to explore the limitless possibilities, which draw us closer to God. Meditation and sound are natural ways to receive more of God’s goodness and light. 

Medical studies show how meditation, music and singing all can individually lower heart rate, blood pressure, decrease pain, and alleviate stress. Imagine the benefits from doing them all at once! 

Conclusion: Christian Meditation and Chant Sets Us Up for Success 

Thoughts and anxieties can flood our mind before our day even gets started.  We can counteract that process and disrupt the pattern by listening to Christian meditation music and singing first thing in the morning. Singing cuts through the cares of the mind and ushers us into our spirit where we contact Christ. 

As we deeply listen to the music and the words, our hearts become directed towards the presence of God and then can remain there throughout the day.

We merge our finite self with the infinite. This increases our creative capability, bringing us new ways to look at our personal life, getting us out of stuck egoistic patterns, and delivering us into a spiritual space.

When we spend time with God, our thoughts elevate and hope becomes a tangible feeling in our body, soul, and spirit.

Christian meditation and chant music awakens God’s divine light in our hearts and opens us up to more love and compassion. In this state, we are no longer separate from the rest of the human race.

Now, go start your day!

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