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Christ-centered guided meditation is a practice of discovery, and not only of the self. When we sit still and look inward, we draw closer to God. 

It is likely the reason why meditation is so popular right now; there’s something mysterious and wonderful at the core of our being, just waiting for us to find it. Some call it the universe; others describe it as a higher power. I know it as the light, love, and life of Christ.  

With Christ-centered meditation, we discover peace beyond understanding. We discover a place so stable that it satisfies our soul. When we reach this place, we join the Prince of Peace and experience God’s presence, which allows us to relax and hear the truth in our hearts. 

When we practice Christ-centered meditation, we make a choice — to dwell in God’s light, to abide by His teachings, and become intimate with His light in everything we do. This type of meditation awakens us to God’s Will, which continuously guides us toward a life filled with peace and rest.

Using Scriptures for Christian Meditation Techniques

Meditating on scripture is traditionally known as biblical meditation. With this practice, you take the Bible, read a scripture, and then meditate, ponder, consider, and listen for the truth that Christ is seeking to reveal to you. I incorporate this practice as one part of my daily Christ-centered meditation practice.

Hands holding an open bible

Guided Christ-Centered Meditations for Relaxation and Inner Peace

A fascinating element of Christ-centered meditation is how there are so many ways to return to and reconcile our relationship with God. 

We can be still and know God. We can renew our minds with scripture. We can praise and worship God through chanting and singing. We can talk and listen to God through prayer. We can ask Him for guidance through various meditations. 

Here are seven Christ-centered meditations to get you started.

1. Forgiveness meditation

When we practice forgiving ourselves over and over, we understand the necessity of forgiving others. We are all imperfect. Forgiveness heals our heart and soul. It makes us lighter.

Think of something you’re struggling with, some thought, feeling, or behavior, and admit it to God. Then say, “Thank you for forgiving me.”

You can always find something to ask forgiveness for, and this practice can make you realize, in general, all humans, not only you, need forgiveness. The idea is, if Jesus could forgive humanity, then so can I.

2. Self-care meditation

God is love, and God is in you. You are love. If you can’t love yourself yet, begin by recognizing God is in you. He loves you. He is love. 

You can practice this meditation by being still and going inside to meditate on something you love — your dog, grandmother, or children. Generate the feeling of love in your heart. That is God. God is the love you feel. 

Be with that feeling daily. Feel it, be with it, and allow it to grow in you. God’s love becomes perfected in you, and when you acknowledge it, you will experience it beginning to overflow in all areas of your life.

Open bible with pages shaped like a heart

3. Christian Meditation Techniques

Being a Christian means you believe in Christ, follow His teachings, and desire to become more like Him. To become like Him, do as He did; get up early, go to a secret place, and shut the door. 

Seek and find God. Knock and enter into the kingdom of Heaven. Become an open vessel to God’s will for your life, then take action. What do you hear at the center of your heart when you do this? What are you being called by God to do or become? Listen, and you will receive God’s answer.

A cross in a ray of light

4. Peace meditation

Peace is at the center of your being. In Latin, the definition of breath is spirit and force. Use the breath of life as a force to join with your spirit to take you inward to your heart. Inhale P-E-A-C-E into your belly and exhale P-E-A-C-E. 

Become peaceful. Allow the Spirit of God to restore peace inside your body and soul. Peace begins within. Use the breath of peace whenever you feel separated from the power and stability of God’s Spirit.

Peace written in the sand on the shore

5. Release worries meditation

Be still. Calm. Breathe deep, slow, and rhythmically. Contain the feeling of anxiety inside the body. Release fear by acknowledging it first. Pay attention to it. Listen to it as if it is separate from you, like a newsflash on TV. You can say, “I accept I am feeling fearful. I am worried. I feel you. Is this important information, or is this fake news?”

Explore the thought creating the feeling of worry inside you. Write it down. Is it true? Do you need to take some action, solve a problem or do you need to release the thought? 

Renew your mind with the wisdom of Christ. Tell yourself: “God gives me a spirit of power. God is always working on my behalf. I can do all things with God.”

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6. Relaxation meditation

Lie flat on the ground and release all of the tension in your body using deep, slow, and rhythmic breaths. Scan your body to see where you are holding tension. Consciously release and relax your muscles. Focus your attention on your breath moving in and out of your body. 

The belly expands when you breathe in, and it deflates when you exhale. Use affirmation or scripture to calm your mind. For instance, “I am loved and accepted” or “I can relax, let go and let God handle it.” Stay in this position for at least 10 minutes.

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7. Meditating on God’s Word

Bible scripture is God’s Word and Jesus is also known as God’s Word. Jesus helps us to understand scripture, so I like to meditate on Him first. Become aware of your multidimensional human nature. You are thinking, feeling, and desiring. You can observe your unique soul. You have a body, and deep in your heart, you have divine light, a spirit.  It is here that we “abide” in the Spirit of Christ. We are joined to the Lord.  

Take a minute or two to meditate on Jesus in your heart. In your mind, say the Bible verse, “I (we) meditate on your unfailing love as I (we) worship in your temple.” (Psalm 48:9)

Also, meditate on the Bible. Choose a verse and consider how it applies to your life and your relationship with God. “I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit, for a part from me, you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

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Christ-centered guided meditation can help you discover your multidimensional nature, body, soul, and spirit. You can find a connection with the deeper realms of peace, love, and Christ-consciousness in your heart. 

There is no single “right way” to reach and receive the blessings of Jesus Christ. If you meditate, read, sing and chant, contemplate, or spend quality time in the presence of the Lord, you will experience being in the Kingdom of God. This practice will heal you, transform you, and make the spiritual journey an exciting adventure that you can look forward to daily — with hope.

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