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As with any other skill, like riding a bicycle, ice skating, or cooking, the more we practice, the better we get. The same is true of meditation. The more we meditate, the less time it will take for us to reach and merge with God. And the less time it will take to heal than it would have otherwise. 

Using Christ-centered meditation, we give ourselves the opportunity to have the darkness and pain in our body and soul dissipate. Through Christ-centered meditation, we can lighten our load and literally feel lighter. What happens after is nothing short of miraculous. 

As we become lighter, the practice gets easier and brings us inner and outer abundance. The work we do during daily Christ-centered meditation — when we use active meditative techniques to connect with God — very obviously rewards us with an abundant life. Those rewards can be anything; inner power, a prosperous career, more peace, hobbies we enjoy, self-control, and new friends. For me, it was all of these things and more. 

That’s because, in addition to all that God offers, when we faithfully turn to Him, we establish the solid footing we need, to connect not only to Him but also to others. As the connections grow, so do we. Life flows easily as we learn to give and to receive; we give our struggles and His Grace is provided.

Like the air that we breathe, God’s Grace and Power become a part of who we are. Through Christ-centered meditation, we become joined with Him. We learn to remain in Him — as He promises to remain in us — at all times. 

This relationship brings comfort. Life feels peaceful. Secure. Satisfying. As it says in the Bible, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” (Prov. 3:5-6 ESV) 

Christ-centered meditation can help with divorce.

Anyone who has been through a divorce, even the most amicable one, knows it can be a traumatic experience. From emotional to financial disruption, a divorce can rock our world. The best thing we can do during such a difficult time is turn to a supportive friend. 

God can be the best friend we have because we have so much pain we need to unload, and He is always with us. God is receptive to taking everything we’re willing to give Him, so we can let go and become all that we’re meant to be and to live the life we want and deserve.  

When in the throes of a divorce, we experience pain, which seemingly has nowhere to go. So much turmoil can pour out of our soul during a divorce that it can feel overwhelming, especially in the early stages. Because there’s so much to work through, it’s best to meditate with Christ every day. Or make sure to become still and seek Him as often as possible. That way, we can move forward faster with more faith and guidance. Our time with Him is always healing. 

By returning to Christ time and time again, we can delve deeper into our issues. It’s for this reason we refer to Christ-centered meditation as a practice. A one-time event wouldn’t be as helpful or valuable. On top of that, the more frequently we practice, the more proficient we become at returning to Christ in our heart.  

The more consistent we are with our Christ-centered meditation practice, the more quickly we will heal. As our body and soul release the “junk” (darkness, as the Bible calls it) we have stored inside us, we feel lighter and happier. 

Our meditation sessions become more pleasant, likely because we’re gaining a pure heart from it. As Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” (Matt. 5:8 NIV) Our body and soul desire to be seen by God’s Spirit. As our hearts are cleansed of the heaviness and pains of divorce, we see how God is working in our lives to restore us and put back the pieces that were broken. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job — and joy — to see our suffering and bring us healing.

Whenever our spirit, (our lamp of the Lord), finds in us places that need healing, it shines a light on darkness or those issues we have kept in the dark, pushed down, repressed, or denied their existence. God’s Spirit can release, bring into the light, and ignite healing energies, the most important of them being love and kindness. 

As Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, says: “Revealing your feelings is the beginning of healing.” Our spirit reveals the darkness inside that needs healing from God’s Spirit, and we receive His Light and Grace to heal our pain. 

Concluding thoughts…

If you find it challenging to sit in meditation, in stillness, go into your heart where God’s Spirit is located and give yourself compassion. This process will allow God’s Love to grow inside your body — for your benefit. 

Next, direct this love, this light, to whatever issue you find yourself struggling with right now. For example, whenever old pain surfaces, point love toward it, then sit with it. This exercise is the only way to deal with pain; we need to face pain head-on. Or, rather, heart-on. 

So, honor and value your soul. Listen to your body. Be still. In other words, let go, let God. From the depths of your heart, observe, and let whatever you feel just be. Don’t judge yourself. Instead, accept what you find. This is all you have to do. It’s the ultimate act of self-love. 

If you find you cannot practice self-love yet, don’t worry. Remember, God is there for you, living in your heart, loving you, and waiting for you. Whenever you are ready, He will be there for you.

My biggest piece of advice? Surrender yourself to God. Years ago, I did. God healed me. He made me stronger. He gave me peace beyond anything I could understand. I still surrender to Him daily. And today, I live an abundant life. It’s a life so abundant that I sometimes find it hard to keep up with all the good and grace that flows my way. These are the kind of “problems” I like. I wish the same for you. 


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