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Do you need time alone? Or does it make you feel lonely? 

Those of us who have been through divorce know the power of both. 

I used to hate, and I mean loathe, when my son would leave to go to his father’s for the week and I was left alone. 

Can you relate?

This loneliness is what drove me towards a more intimate relationship with God. For me, it was a lifesaver. ????????

I say meditation healed my anxiety disorder but it was learning how to spend time with God, being vulnerable and real, that truly healed me. 

Before starting my practice, I would read scripture or say a prayer, but I didn’t realize the value of being myself in His Presence. 

I encourage you to keep trying to sit still with God until one day you are really sitting in The Presence of the Holy One, merged spirit to Spirit and light to Light.

Time alone is now never really alone.

“But he who unites himself with the Lord is one with Him in spirit.” -1 Corinthians 6:17

The feeling I get when I sit still and become united with God is amazing and keeps me returning day after day to be nourished and renewed. 

I receive the abundance of God because I have given myself to Him and He gives back: wisdom, counsel, strength, patience, lovingkindness…the list goes on and on!

Joseph Prince, senior pastor of New Creation Church in Singapore, says Jesus always had people sit and then they received provisions from God. 

One of my favorite things to do is to sit in nature with God. Scientists even say it’s the most effective way to raise our vibrations! 

If you haven’t, I encourage you to sit on the earth, against a tree, on grass or sand, and just be with God. He is always with you and His love is within you. This is good news!

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