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Examining and testing can be exhausting! Amen?

Are you examining and testing ways to adapt to this “new normal?”

Is your mind relentlessly thinking?

Are your emotions constantly changing?

Do you find yourself wishing and wanting something different?

If you answered yes, congratulations you are aware of your soul!  The soul seeks to control, solve problems, and stay alive.

You can decrease the anxiety and exhaustion that come with enduring unusual, strange, or harsh conditions by doing the second half of this verse: “turn back to the Lord.” 

Trying to control our souls is the opposite of what the Bible tells us to do: surrender the soul to God’s Spirit. (Romans 8:6, 8:8 Psalms 63.8)

Try this easy spiritual practice; it helps you to feel the positive difference it makes in your soul when you accept, allow, and trust in God’s Will to be done. 

Become still. Close your eyes and go inside to your heart.

Identify something that is completely out of your control to change. Observe how it feels to put effort in controlling this situation. How does it feel to not be able to change it?  

As you notice and observe this event, pay attention to what you experience in your heart. Be with this for a minute.

Now, observe the situation without wanting it to change. 

See if you can accept and allow the circumstance. Let go of needing to change it or control it. Allow the Presence of God to come into the situation.

Notice how you can affect your experience based on thoughts of surrendering versus controlling.

Enjoy the experience of stability, peace, rest and understanding as you turn to the Lord. Be in gratitude for what is. 

A new life strategy to examine, test and adopt is to observe your soul from the stability of the Lord. Turn back over and over. Let go and let God!

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