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There’s an art to knowing and telling the truth.

Finding inner truth is a process– it begins by connecting your truth to God’s Truth.

God’s Spirit is known as the Spirit of Truth. When our human spirit connects with God’s Spirit, He helps us hear and know our personal truth. The truth that God confirms sets you on the path to freedom!

The extent to which you can be with the truth of who you are in the moment is the extent to which you can find freedom in your life.

This process starts with being still and going within. Here’s the key: no judgement! Constantly release the need to judge your truth. If you’re sad, you’re sad. If you’re fearful, you’re fearful. If your back hurts, it hurts.

It is a practice of “I am.”

“I am,”

“I am that,”

“I am that I am.”

You witness from your heart sensations, thoughts, emotions, cravings and desires. You learn to sit with your truth, and trust that God can handle it all. Without the awareness and acceptance of your present truth, you cannot transform your life into new truths.

If you want to lead an authentic life that is dynamic and continuously creative, connect to God’s Spirit of Truth from within. The outcome is better than anything we can create for ourselves.

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