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Do you believe you can be strengthened by light and love from God’s mighty power in your inner being?

My belief is constantly renewed by the energizing experience of merging heart-to-heart with The Source and Creator of all life.

God calls to us from the center of our being. When we sit and answer that call, we are brought new life. ✨ We can meditate on God’s Word in scripture and on God’s unfailing love in our heart.

Spiritual meditation is the practice of connecting to something that is greater, vaster, and deeper than the individual self. Biblically speaking, it’s going past the flesh (body & soul) to God’s Spirit.

“Spiritual Meditation can be linked to Christianity because it involves prayer and reflection as one seeks a deeper connection with God…There’s no better example than Jesus when it comes to meditation.” (The Christian Post, March 9, 2019)

When we meditate we think and experience deeply, with the goal of merging with and receiving the fullness of Christ as we surrender to the Will of God. You hear God’s Word in the Bible and you hear God’s Spirit, His Word in your conscience, in your heart, in the very center of your being. 

Becoming “of one Spirit with God” helps us to become the best human being we can be. ????

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