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I hear the word ‘awakened’ quite a bit in our culture. To be or to become awakened is to have God’s Spirit alive and working inside of us.

We can feel it.

In the Bible it says, “God is light,” and scientifically light is both a particle and a wave. God feels like something solid, peaceful and stable yet there is movement, momentum and aliveness like a wave.

Good things happen when we accept and allow our spirit to search our innermost parts. Light finds its way towards darkness, denial, fears, and past traumatic experiences. At first, this may be uncomfortable, but God’s Spirit moves us forward with love compassion and kindness.

In meditation and prayer we become quiet and still, yet alert so that we can hold the space and become a vessel for the merging of our spirit with God’s Spirit. We are born with a human spirit that lights up like a homing device searching for connection and union with God’s Spirit.

How humbling and powerful at the same time!

During meditation, there’s a shift from my thoughts talking to me and my thoughts melting into an expansive feeling of freedom from thinking and more into just being. It happens the moment I can sense my body, soul and spirit becoming less separate and merging with a stable peaceful force from within.

It is from this moment that we engage in an inner transformation process. In the Bible it is called sanctification. This union with God gives us strength to face all our truths, all our pains, our reality and our challenges. We faithfully participate in this process knowing we will overcome because God is with us.

Become a vessel for this work to be done. Shine on brightly with YahLight….God’s light!

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