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You and I are on an inner journey to our hearts.

On this spiritual journey, we move from the outer world full of uncertainty to our inner world. In our hearts, we can consistently find the abiding presence of God.

The heart contains the light of Christ, The Holy Spirit, and God’s love. Infinite healing power!!

God is waiting and asking, “How’s your heart?”

Has your heart been “bleeding” lately? Mine sure has. There seem to be certain times in history and in our own lives where we are destined to go within.

Jesus is often depicted pointing to his heart, which is often pictured with light and fire coming out of it.  The Catholic religion calls this symbology the Sacred Heart which represents God’s boundless and passionate love for mankind.

Do you have that kind of love for yourself? 

Can you find compassion from your heart for your situation? 

Can you extend that compassion out to others?

It’s when we’re able to be still and know God that we come to know God as love and light emanating in and from our hearts.

As we spend time dwelling in and surrendering to God’s love, it becomes perfected and it grows. As it grows, it heals the soul and flows through the body. And then, like a forcefield of love, it flows out into the world through us. It feels incredible! 

Are you interested in what living more from the heart would be like? 

You can start by spending daily time with God in stillness. Listen deep within; God speaks to us.  

The journey to the heart is one of self-discovery. It’s a good time to take it easy, rest, live simply, and go within. If you have children, teach them this invaluable skill. You’ll find true riches that no one can ever take away or destroy. 

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart.  –Jeremiah 29:13

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