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We know we have a body because we can see it. However, unlike the body, we cannot see our soul because it’s immaterial. Still, we know it’s there because we can experience it. 

God gives everyone a unique soul at birth, which includes our mind, emotions, and our will. Together, the body and soul comprise what the Bible refers to as the flesh.

We’re also born with a human spirit located at our heart’s center. God uses that human spirit to connect with us because God is Spirit. People know the human spirit by many names. My personal favorites are the spark of Divine light or the lamp of the Lord. 

Whatever the name, God’s Light flows within us, in and out of our heart. It radiates outward into the world and to everyone else. It searches our inner being for the authentic potential that waits in all of us for discovery and illumination. As it says in the Bible, “The human spirit is the lamp of the LORD that sheds light on one’s inmost being.” (Prov. 20-27)

Unfortunately, a sense of wholeness and unification of the body, soul, and spirit isn’t always easy. The flow of light can, at times, become blocked, the result of which is to halt, at least temporarily, our ability to live our fullest life. When this happens, we become stagnated, unable to flow, change, and transform the way life requires and demands of us. 

Light is the greatest energy source, and without it, we become less able to grow. A daily Christ-centered meditation and prayer practice can help us identify blocks and areas where we’re stuck. We use our spirit, the lamp, to shine inward on the places that need more of God’s Healing Light.

To conquer the obstacles hindering us, we first need to identify them. We also need to find out where they’re coming from (their source) to overcome them and move forward. Continue reading, and I will tell you how to begin the process. 

Where do obstacles to a peaceful practice of meditation come from?

Obstacles to meditation and prayer come from the flesh. As I mentioned above, the flesh is made up of the body and soul. I believe any obstacle we encounter that keeps us from living our best life emanates from the flesh. That’s because our body and soul constantly are changing, which can cause us to experience confusion and doubt. 

You see, the body is a dynamic sensory system. It continuously receives new information and constantly grows, dies, and is reborn. But, at the same time, thoughts, emotions, and desires from the soul also change from one moment to the next. By its very nature, then, that makes the flesh unstable. 

However, if we apply our body, thoughts, emotions, and desires strategically, they can become part of the techniques we use for inner exploration and guided visualization. That can help us to see a broader perspective and our Divine course.

Yet another reason why flesh can get in our way is that we keep all of our memories, storing them in our body and soul for use at a later date. Unfortunately, not all memories are good ones. We hold onto past traumas, difficult times, and recent memories that may be counterproductive. 

As we go through our day, our mind may rehash a memory, making it challenging for us to be present with God’s Spirit of Peace. In addition, old emotions can rise to the surface from the most seemingly benign triggers. 

Because the experience can be so unpleasant, we try to avoid having these memories and emotions surface in the first place. We react; our “free” will attempts to get us past the past. The result is often impulsive or avoidant behavior, which can create unwanted consequences for us. When these old thoughts or emotions appear, it becomes more difficult for us to maintain self-control, one of God’s virtues for moving forward. 

The outcome is that we feel perplexed, guilty, or ashamed due to the reactions coming from our body and soul. This causes us further pain. The Bible reminds us to discern the thoughts coming from the flesh, “The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.” (Rom. 8:6 NIV)

How can we overcome obstacles using Christ-centered meditation?

Using Christ-centered meditation, we can do the daily work of cleansing and purifying our body. We can learn to sit and compassionately observe and listen to our soul. During this practice, we can shine the light of our spirit on our inner man or woman, and bring the needs of the flesh to our awareness. 

When we sit still with God’s Spirit, the light that He has put in our heart can search our body for those places needing more love and healing. With the help of Christ’s Light, we receive the power to pay attention and to listen deeply. Indeed, listening with compassion is one of the most effective forms of healing. Our body and soul want to be seen, heard, and valued.

When we connect to God’s Spirit, we open ourselves up to His Help. As the Bible informs us, God is the helper, the counselor, and the revealer. God’s Spirit is here to help us cleanse, purify, and feed our body and soul. The flesh speaks to us daily. I’m sure you’ve experienced this.

Let me give you an example of how it works during meditation: Your body says, “I have pain here.” Thoughts begin to flow. Your mind is thinking, judging, planning, “I’m doing this wrong.” You may also notice emotions such as anxiety, depression, or anger. Our “free” will then begin to have urges: “I want a cup of coffee right now. I won’t sit here doing nothing!”

The goal is to listen and observe, surrender to the Higher Power of God, and show yourself compassion, attention, and understanding. Embrace and allow what you find. It’s in the moments of love and acceptance that the flesh is healed. This practice gives you the ability to overcome the instability and changing nature of your body and soul and to rest in the stability and power of God’s Light. “Everything exposed to the light itself becomes light.” (Eph. 5:13)

Concluding thoughts…

We can seek God for His Healing Light and unconditional love in the stillness Christ-centered meditation offers. Both feed and nurture our entire being, bringing unity and harmony to our body, soul, and spirit. 

As we meditate and pray to get closer to God, we learn to observe, listen, accept, tolerate, and not judge ourselves. And find the strength to say, “You are my God, earnestly I seek You; my soul thirsts for You; my body yearns for You in a dry and weary land without water.” (Ps. 84:2). Then believe it and receive inner knowledge and understanding of your body, soul, and spirit.


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