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During the act of meditation, we are able to contact the deepest part of our being known as “the secret place of the Lord,” or God’s Holy Spirit. Here we’re able to find and experience God’s abiding presence, a peace beyond understanding.

The Bible says that God’s Spirit dwells within us. Many world religions also reference a source of “power” within. Hinduism talks of a cave within the heart where God dwells. Buddhist’s say, “Buddha is present in all places, in all beings, in all things, in all lands.” The Jewish Psalmist says, “Where can I go to flee from your presence?” Islam teaches, “Whithersoever you turn, there is the face of God.” The teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous which
are Biblically based, refer to a “higher power” of which we are to surrender. I often hear how we all can tap into the power of the “universe.”

We don’t take this blessing of God’s indwelling Spirit as seriously as we need to. This is the key to living a magical, wondrous life. Once we tap into God’s special source of Holiness, we begin to become whole, unified– our inside and outside worlds begin to harmonize with integrity. Joy, peace, love, and kindness are released and realized. Then the magic really begins. We have grace, a flow of miracles, and serendipity becomes a common
occurrence. Perfect timing of events can be perceived, and rest becomes possible.

God’s Spirit within is stable, divine, eternal, peaceful, and powerful. It is IN us, for us, leading us to our full potential and divine destiny. Our conscience (inner guide) becomes connected to His conscience and we are elevated to higher thinking and ways of being. Meditation leads to conscious connection which leads to transformation, sanctification and satisfaction. We participate in a life of growth where challenges are overcome.

We begin to live a victorious life never fearing the next challenge.

Never again do we feel alone or powerless.

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