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What keeps us from surrendering into the complete love of God?


Imagine a wall around your heart; fear is on the outside and love is on the inside. When we approach love, fear will be there too.

In situations where large amounts of fear are present, it’s natural to forget how to love. We may flee from the very thing we need in order to overcome or even exist with the fear. 

By embracing the fear, loving it, and showing compassion towards it, we can sit with it quietly, beam a warm light of love from our hearts and be with it. Our feelings will soften and surrender.

The opposite of fear is love and kindness. We can show ourselves kindness by journaling or wrapping ourselves in a cozy blanket. There’s no one way to handle overwhelming feelings, however surrendering to God’s love is a good habit. When life throws us into uncertainty, we can turn to the stability that comes from God’s presence deep within.

Spiritual practices like daily meditation and prayer prepare us for times like this, and can bring the relief we need, one day at a time. 

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