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1. We Find God

Paramahansa Yogananda said, “Those who meditate devoutly will receive Christ on the altar of calmness in their consciousness,” and Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is found within.” I believe meditation is spreading like fire because when we become still and go inside with the intention of finding peace, we find the peace of God.

2. We reconcile our relationship with God

Reconcile means to restore to harmony. Meditation and prayer provides a time in the day to spend time with God; listening, talking, appreciating and loving each other. We give and receive and this becomes the pattern in our lives as well.

3. We move from the physical to the spiritual realms.

This practice does not belong to any religion, it is a spiritual act. According to the Bible, God is Spirit and we must approach and connect to him in Spirit. Inside our physical form (body) is our non-physical spirit. Current technological advances have shown us that there are forces which exist that we can’t see. Hopefully, it’s easier than ever to believe that there’s a God who connects through our heart to our spirit.

4. We awaken to the truth of who we are.

This is a practice we use to improve our conscious contact with God. When we experience the presence of God it helps us to understand him better. As we understand him better, we learn who we are, because we are made in the image of God. We uncover our true self. Our true self is more like Christ.

5. We heal our soul and the feeling of separateness.

John Main, a Benedictine Monk has this to say: ”Meditation is a healing process. What is healed is the wound of our divided self that separates us from others, from God and from our full potential.” The Spirit of God renews and restores our soul. We can get exhausted trying to manage life without help from God’s Spirit. When the soul operates independently from the Spirit, we get no new life. The Spirit of God brings us new life, peace, love, joy, kindness, goodness, patience, self-control, wisdom and more!”

6. Science has shown both meditation and prayer is good for us.

Studies have shown to have clear proven health benefits such as a reduction of stress, depression, anxiety, improved focus and concentration, decreased blood pressure, improved immunity, pain relief, insomnia, anti-aging and the list goes on. Dr. Masaru Emoto was able to show that praying over water changes the structure of the water molecule to beautiful crystal shapes.

A Mediation and Prayer practice is powerful medicine. We demonstrate our belief which brings us faith and favor.

We actively acknowledge that we believe God is in us and with us. We are showing that we want and need him. We are demonstrating that we want an intimate relationship. We want him to know how thankful we are to be here and to be receiving his wisdom.

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