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The Bible refers to breath as “the breath of life,” with good reason. Like the gift of Christ Jesus, breath is a gift which brings life.

The Latin root for breath is spirit. The breath is a link connecting your physical body with God’s Spirit. Think of your breath like a river, connecting you to the source of all life. 

The breath is a purifying, calming, and healing force that you can use as a tool for goodness, kindness, patience, feelings of safety, serenity and a connection to your inner self.

Below are 5 of the many benefits of conscious breath:

  1. It supports physical health – Breathing is directly linked to the nervous system. Science has proven that long, slow, deep breathing reduces heart rate and blood pressure, relieves anxiety, and reduces pain.
  2. It strengthens your connection to SpiritConscious breathing reminds us to be in the present moment, living in the Kingdom of God.
  3. It cultivates love and compassion – Breath can bring love and compassion into your heart. On an inhale say to yourself, “I am thankful. I am. I am in God and he is in me, in this moment.” Exhale and release love and compassion out to the world. Your breath is a bridge to your heart.
  4. It helps you combat fear and stress with gratitude – Daily spiritual practices teach you to have a relationship with your breath and spirit. During times of stress or loss you can turn to your breath with gratitude for keeping you alive and guiding you into a deeper relationship with God.  
  5. It creates a ripple effect – Consciously using the breath as a source of power can help transform your life and the way you relate to others. When you’re able to respond calmly and slowly to those around you, they will feel the ripple of compassion and abundance and begin to transform as well.

You are abundantly blessed if you are breathing and being filled with the light and life of Christ with each inhale. 

“In him was life; and the life was the light of men,” John 4:1.

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