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Getting Started with Devotional Chants and Scriptural Contemplations

Select one of my YahLight devotional chants, or a worship song, hymn, or mantra that is repetitive, easy, and heart-centered. Once you start to sing, notice how sound creates vibration, movements of energy, balance, and harmony in your body. Listen to your unique voice. Witness your multidimensional nature, singing, breathing, thinking, feeling, desiring, and listening all at once. Memorize the words to the song, and close your eyes. Sing with joy and sincerity from your heart.

Imagine that God is listening and harmonizing with you. Sing at least one song for five minutes. Be willing to sit completely still and hold your body in a dignified position with your heart open. Resist the desire to move or stop singing. At the end of the song, take a deep breath in and hold it for as long as you can. Next, expand this breath into all areas of your body and release it slowly. While sitting, singing, and meditating, listen for the Voice of God. Get to the point where you can sit and sing and meditate for longer periods of time.

Devotional Chants

Yahweh Shalom

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Scriptural Contemplations

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